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our mission

  • To supply customized partitions to help block respiratory droplets from spreading between people within an enclosed space.


  • To assist offices, institutions, and restaurants safely reopen by providing an added level of protection for personal space.


  • To provide a sense of safety assurance for workers, clients and customers while maintaining an in-person environment.


why choose us?

We are the Plexi Professionals!


We are a team of professionals with backgrounds in architectural design, digital fabrication, surveying, and carpentry, who have joined together to help local establishments safely reopen.

We service any open office space, institution, and restaurant space in the Tri-State area who are looking to provide a safer indoor environment and ease of mind for their employees and customers.


Partitions are an effective way to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 and other viruses.

High Quality

We procure high quality materials and self fabricate components using in-house 3D-printers and laser cutting machines.


We provide a fast and easy solution that will add value back into any indoor space.


We specialize in custom solutions to fit your existing space.

Fast Install

We are capable of fabricating and completing installation within 2 weeks.


Princeton Partitions is a fully insured company.

services included

Complimentary analysis and survey of existing space

Pricing and scheduling proposal of scope

Fabrication of all components in-house

Delivery and installation of partition systems

benefits of partitions


• Partitions can provide a level of protection from surface contamination in the personal workspace.

• Partitions can provide a physical separation between people to support social and physical distancing efforts where it is difficult to maintain 6-feet of separation between individuals.

• Use of partitions are recommended by the CDC to control exposure.


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Where are the partitions placed?
  • Our semi-permanent partitions are designed to be placed on and between your existing desk layout without the need for any permanent modifications to your office space.
How much will this cost?
  • Our initial consultation meeting and office survey will be FREE.
  • We will then provide a proposal with a partition design & layout, schedule of the installation, and an all inclusive fixed price. Price will be directly proportional to the amount of material/labor required.
How long does installation take?
  • After the scope of work has been established and agreed upon, the materials can be procured and fabricated to specifications within 2 weeks. Installation can typically be done in a day or two depending on the size of the office space.
How will these office barriers help us?
  • According to the CDC and The WHO, barriers serve as a component of a long-term strategy to reduce risk for COVID-19 and other viruses that spread by similar modes of transmission.
  • Barriers provide a sense of safety assurance for workers and clients where it is difficult to maintain 6 feet of separation between individuals.
Why should we consider installing barriers now?
  • As office culture adjusts to the new normal of this disease, employees will be expecting office spaces to take the necessary steps to protect the health and welfare of their employees.
When can you meet with us?
  • We are available to consult with you immediately.
  • Please give us a call or email us below.

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